Price for Cancer Drugs

Price for Cancer Drugs

It is well known that drug prices are always so high and too high! Generic Drugs are on way to tackle this, so you no longer pay for the brand name and you don’t sponsor the amazing big pharma. However with cancer drugs you go into a total different level as prices are even higher and medicines even scarcer.

Affordable cancer drugs

Fortunately there is an online pharmacy which has affordable prices for many medication including those for cancer, let’s sum them up!

Nolvadex prices starting at 0.51 USD per pill

Zofran prices starting at 0.98 USD per tablet

Cytoxan prices starts at 3.01 USD per tablet

Methotrexate prices starts at 0.77 USD per pill

Casodex prices starts at 3.09 USD per tablet

Eulexin prices are as low as 2.06 USD per capsule

Hydrea prices begin at 2.19 USD per tablet

Leukeran prices start at 7 USD per pill

Xeloda price stars at 26 USD per capsule

As you see prices are much lower than prices you can find at your local pharmacy or even other places online.


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Welcome to our blog about Cancer Drugs

Welcome to our blog about Cancer Drugs, which are crucial and very important drugs to cure cancer and to prevent the cancer from spreading in the body. This is our first blog post, but rest assured many will follow with reviews about cancer medications, tips and tricks, cancer treatment, information about the type of cancer drugs, new medications and treatments available and the latest cancer news. We want to provide free and useful information and this is made possible thanks to a team of international health experts in the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia and we are very thankful for the support from this medical professionals, so cancer patients can benefit from this knowledge free of charge.

Cancer Drugs

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